Do I Really Need To Take Vitamins?

Walking through the vitamin aisle of your local store can be daunting, so many bottles and choices, where does one start? Is it even worth it? Vitamins can be quite an investment and it can be easy to get carried away, literally swallowing up money and capsules. So do you really need to take vitamins? For your spiritual wellbeing perhaps?

Most of us aren’t getting enough vitamins from the food we eat. Vitamin supplements are a great way to fill in the gaps. There a several basic vitamins that we all need. Vitamin D and Calcium are great for bones, but Vitamin K is a lesser known vitamin that is also good for bone strength. All of these vitamins are available in leafy greens, however the amounts you’d have to eat are enormous, which is why taking a vitamin supplement makes sense.

Vitamin A and C are good for the skin. Omega 3 and DHA helps keep our brain sharp. B vitamins are are known to give a boost of energy. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is also good for the skin and prevent skin disorders. Vitamin E capsules can be swallowed or squeezed out and applied topically. It’s a good idea to take Vitamins E and C together because when one each is being used by the body it makes free radicals, and the other will clean up after it in a sense helping prevent conditions such as dermatitis.

A good vitamin regimen for anyone just getting familiar with vitamins would be a good multiple vitamin, an additional calcium supplement which should be taken at a different time of day than the multiple vitamin for maximum absorption, an omega 3 supplement, like fish oil (look for a purified one to avoid heavy metals like mercury), or flax for vegetarians and buddhists with some extra vitamin C if you aren’t getting enough fruits and veggies.

A few things to watch out for, you don’t want to take too much iron, especially if you are male, since you aren’t losing iron each month. Also, it IS possible to get too much vitamin A, though it is difficult. That being said, it isn’t beneficial to take more than the recommended dosage of vitamins.

Add additional vitamin supplements based on your own needs, like some extra B vitamins if you find you’re feeling sluggish. Especially important for women who would like children is folic acid. Folic acid needs to be taken prior to conception and helps prevent birth defects. Good sources of folic acid, or folate, are whole grains and leafy greens.

Many foods are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. However, whole, real, foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, are by far the best way to get the most absorbable forms of the nutrients. This is why it is so important to eat for nutrients above all other reasons, like entertainment, celebration, or heaven forbid emotions or boredom. We are human though, and we are programed feel good when we are satisfied. Avoiding a vitamin deficiency will help stave this off in the long run.

Vitamins and Life Insurance

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